Certified Carpet and Duct Cleaning in Lethbridge

At Masters Touch Carpet and Duct Cleaning, we take carpet and duct cleaning very seriously. Poor carpet conditions can cause damage to a healthy indoor environment if not treated in time. Regular carpet clean-ups can help maintain the health of the carpet, and yours too. Professional carpet cleaners like us can do the job speedily and help reduce the pollutants that collect on carpets. We also perform duct cleaning services in Lethbridge, using high-powered vacuums to clean all the ducts quickly. This ensures quality airflow in your home. At Masters Touch Carpet and Duct Cleaning, we offer a range of in-home cleaning services , such as cleaning carpets, ducts, upholstery and even treating mould and water-damaged properties. We work closely with homeowners and renters to ensure the highest customer satisfaction.

Hire Us for All Kinds of Indoor Cleaning

We know maintaining a home can be tough and keeping up with multiple clean-ups is stressful. Masters Touch Carpet and Duct Cleaning can assist you with routine clean-ups or even one-time or moving-in clean-ups. Our range of services includes:

Carpet cleaning

Rug cleaning

Furnace cleaning

Upholstery cleaning

Water damage restoration


Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

If you hire our cleaning service, you can trust us with the following:

Thorough inspection

Vacuuming of carpets

Moving furniture

Treating spots, pet stains and odours

Protection of textiles and fabrics

High-quality Duct Cleaning in Lethbridge

Over time air ducts can be contaminated with mould, bacteria and dirt. A regular clean-up may not remove it, but we use advanced equipment that is built to remove any kind of dust build-up. Clean air ducts are crucial to good quality air indoors. That’s why we do a thorough inspection and clean every hard-to-reach nook and corner.

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